Online Theological Education Related FAQs

What will be the tools and methods used for teaching the online classes?

Our faculty will be using a combination of different Ed-Tech tools like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to share content and resources with you, while using communication tools such as Google Meet and Zoom for personal interaction and conducting webinars. The faculty and the administration will also be using other communication tools like Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, Phone Calls and Email to be in touch and to keep you updated.

Do I need a laptop or a computer for taking part in these online classes?

While a laptop or a computer, or any IT-enabled device like smartphone or tablet, can be extremely helpful in this context, we have also planned to help those who may not have to access to an IT-enabled device. We will be using either the cohort-education method or the distance mode of education wherein we will be sending the resources through courier/post for the course requirements to be completed under the guidance of a mentor nearby.

Will I have to spend a lot of time on the Internet?

No. We are working very hard creatively to make sure that the available time is utilized in the best way possible while ensuring that learning takes place as per the requirements of the Asia Theological Association (ATA). We are restructuring our lectures to suit this mode of education wherein participation is the key method of learning. You will be participating with the faculty and fellow learners in this model to make sure that the subject on hand is covered as required.

Are you offering online classes for all programs?

Yes. We are offering online classes for M.Div, B.Th and Dip.Th (English and Hindi).

How many hours in a day will I have to spend in this online setup?

It will depend on the number of courses you are taking in a semester. On an average, one semester contains 6 courses. ATA requires the completion of a total of 120 learning hours per course. These learning hours are divided into two— the taught component and the research component. The focus will be on enabling the student to read and research more thus making sure that learning takes place as the course requires.

Will there be help available?

Yes. The teachers will be available for clarifications over phone/Whatsapp/SMS/Email outside of video lectures/classes. In case you need any help on the administrative side, you can reach out to us on the designated numbers for support.

What degree will I get if I join this online mode of education? Will it be considered as an external/private/correspondence degree?

Your degree will be same as that of a residential one, with no change whatsoever. It will not be considered as an external, private or correspondence degree. It will be a regular degree.

Will I be required to come to Udaipur, Rajasthan? When will I be able to come to Udaipur for my studies?

We are closely following the rules and guidelines mandated by the governing authorities. We also want to make sure that everybody connected with the college—whether it is the students, staff or teachers—stay safe during this difficult time. As such, we are working hard to take the right decisions, allowing for normal residential classes to resume as soon as the situation becomes somewhat normal, while also making sure that we do not rush it unless it is absolutely safe for everybody concerned.

Having said that, we expect all students to be there on campus when the situation, rules and common-sense permit, to continue with their studies.

Can I continue my theological education online, even after the situation becomes somewhat normal?

You will be required to come to the college in a residential capacity to complete the course, once the situation normalizes. We understand that you may have concerns about safety. We assure you that we are taking the best steps and decisions possible to make sure that we ask students to come to the college only when it is safe to do so. We will also be taking all the necessary steps to make sure that your stay here is safe and without any untoward incidents.

What about Spiritual Formation and Practical Ministry areas? How will that be covered?

The Office of the Chaplain and the Office of Practical Ministry are currently in the process of chalking out a plan and structure to make sure that spiritual formation continues on a personal level and there are ample opportunities for Practical Ministry available through various avenues. For spiritual formation, we already have a mentoring system in place which we will extend through other communication mediums like Email/Whatsapp/Phone/SMS to make sure that you have all the guidance and help available. This crisis has also led to an increase in opportunities to minister to churches and communities online, which will be used to provide you with Practical Ministry exposure.

Will the fees be the same as the normal residential program?

No. The fees will be reduced since the residential component will no longer be applicable as long as the student is staying away from the campus. Please refer the following link to know the updated fees details of each program.

Please note that regular fees will be applicable when you come to the campus to stay at a later time and continue your theological studies.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. To know about the different scholarships we offer, and the eligibility criteria for those, please click the following link.

How will I pay the fees?

We have provided online payment gateway facilities to make sure that you don’t have to go anywhere to pay the fees. You can pay your fees using various methods like Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking and Wallet Payments like PayTM through these payment gateways from the comfort and safety of your home.

I am a believer, currently at home. Can I join a program and continue that online without coming to campus for the whole duration of the program?

We are currently accepting applications only from those who will be able to come to the college for a residential stay during the studies, once the situation eases. If you wish to join for a short-term course, or any one course, you can get in touch with us at for more details.

How will the exams/assessment be conducted?

The exams and other assessments will be conducted online using tools like Google Classroom, Zoom etc. in a way that reflects the learning that has taken place. The teachers will tailor the mode of assessment to suit the facilities available with the student. The teacher will be available at all times during the course of assessment to provide help any time you need it.

I have a question which has not been covered here. What should I do?

You can contact us here or write to us at You can also call us at +91 97835 36288 | +91 80786 35370 | +91 98288 24599. We will be happy to help you.

Online Application Related FAQs

How will the entrance test be conducted?

The entrance test will be conducted online or through other tools/mediums where said facilities are not available. Instructions in detail regarding the same will be communicated to you prior to the entrance exam.

Can I take the entrance test on a smartphone?

Yes. The entrance test will be designed in such a way that you will be able to take it without any problems on a smartphone.

If I have any problem while taking the entrance test, what should I do?

You will be provided the contact details of a designated person before starting the exam, who will be available throughout the exam in case you need any help. You can contact him/her through phone/whatsapp/sms.

How will the interviews be taken?

For eligible candidates, interviews will be taken on the scheduled day and time over Google Meet/Zoom/Phone Call, depending upon the facilities available with the student.

How can I pay the application fees?

You will receive a link after completing the application form online. You will also receive the same link in your email. Kindly use that link to pay the application fees through Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking or Wallets. Please mention your details exactly as it is on the application form, which will help us in correlating the applications.

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