Our COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has affected everything and anything around us, for the worse. And it has drastically changed the way the world will exist from this time forth, for quite some time ahead. Borders are closed, distances are kept and it has affected anything that requires a personal interaction. As such, probably, one of the most affected systems is the traditional setup of theological studies, wherein students would come to a place and stay along with like-minded peers and mentors as they pursued the path of preparation in response to the call of God.
But we, at Filadelfia Bible College, have decided to respond proactively to it so that this journey of theological formation doesn't halt for our continuing and new students, while keeping with the rules and need of the hour.
We have formulated a format combining the latest in the field of Education Technology with conventional forms of modern communication to facilitate a learning environment imbued with a personal touch.
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